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Available October 1st

GSB October Pick

Earth River Sky

By Rob Atkins

  • Over two decades and twenty separate visits in the making, Earth River Sky highlights the distinct and unparalleled beauty of northern New Mexico

  • With a career spanning decades, Atkins renders landscapes with a detailed eye for light and color in his masterful photographs rarely seen today

  • Atkins's work has appeared in publications internationally, and has been used by a range of clients, including The New York Times

Georgia O'Keeffe once described her artistic muse New Mexico as “more sky than earth.” As photographer Rob Atkins discovered over two decades, beneath that cerulean stretch of ether, the golden sun spills across the sumptuous adobe architecture and the sounds of the Rio Grande reverberate throughout the multifaceted geography of northern New Mexico. 

Following in the footsteps of visionary artists―including Agnes Martin and Ernest Blumenschein―Atkins has documented the soul of the region from the Church of San Geronimo in Taos Pueblo to Camel Rock in Tesuque. As a travelogue of Atkins's artistic and spiritual pilgrimage in photographs, Earth River Sky encapsulates the fundamental elements of fire, earth, water, and air that converge to form the sublime architecture and landscape found only in northern New Mexico.

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