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In addition to being one of our close friends here at GSB, Natalie Goldberg is the author of fifteen books, including the classic bestseller Writing Down the Bones, which has changed the way writing is taught in the United States; the beloved memoir Long Quiet Highway; the novel Banana Rose, Living Color, about her painting, and her legacy book, The True Secret of Writing. She has taught writing as a practice for the past forty-five years nationally and internationally. She lives in northern New Mexico. 


Writing Down the Bones Deck (2021)
From back of deck: Each card contains a writing topic on one side and a short lesson on the reverse, delivered in Natalie’s honest, heartfelt voice. The topics offer multiple angles, providing inspiration again and again. Working with this deck is like a personal course with Natalie that inspires you to develop discipline, gain confidence, and find freedom to tell your story.

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A haiku is three simple lines. But it is also, as Allen Ginsberg put it, three lines that “make the mind leap.” A good one, he said, lets the mind experience “a small sensation of space which is nothing less than God.” As many spiritual practices seek to do, the haiku’s spare yet acute noticing of the immediate and often ordinary grounds the reader in the pure awareness of now. 

    Natalie Goldberg is a delightfully companionable tour guide into this world. She highlights the history of the form, dating back to the seventeenth century; shows why masters such as Basho and Issa are so revered; discovers Chiyo-ni, an important woman haiku master; and provides insight into writing and reading haiku. A fellow seeker who travels to Japan to explore the birthplace of haiku, Goldberg revels in everything she encounters, including food and family, painting and fashion, frogs and ponds. She also experiences and allows readers to share in the spontaneous and profound moments of enlightenment and awakening that haiku promises.


Other Books on Hand:

Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home: A Memoir (2018),  The True Secret of Writing (2013), The Great Failure (2004), Thunder and Lightning: Cracking Open the Writer’s Craft  (2000), Banana Rose (1995), Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life (1990), Writing Down the Bones (1986)